Welcome Back!

There’s a Mountain I Love…

Who can forget the words of the Hollymont song and all the memories it brings to mind?! Whether you spent one summer or many, we know it holds a special place in your heart. Many of you joined us in 2007 to reminisce about your Hollymont years as we celebrated 25 years of camping. We enjoyed a wonderful time of looking back and catching up with old friends.

For those of you that were able to attend as well as those that were not, we would love to keep up with you. We have created an online database so everyone can stay connected. Please click here to send us your updated information. Missy McKibbens Roper and Merridy McKibbens Sims are heading up our alumnae connections and would love to hear from you! Once we receive your information we will email you from time to time with alumnae news and upcoming events.

Alumna Information Form

Hollymont does not have to just be a happy memory

There are many ways to stay in touch and involved with your favorite summer home!

Share the experience.
For those of you with daughters and nieces, we would love to offer them the same experience you had. You are welcome to contact us for more up to date information and we will be glad to send you a DVD and brochure.

Help promote Hollymont in your city/town.
If you would like to host a camp show, let us know. One of our camp directors would love to visit your home to talk about Hollymont!

Hollymont has a scholarship fund.
If you want to contribute and give the opportunity for a girl to attend camp, please contact us to learn more.

You are never too old to work at Hollymont.
We are always looking for great nurses and program staff. If you want to relive your days at camp, contact us and let us know what you might be interested in. We’ll be glad to send you an application!

And when the sun starts to set, all the joys I won’t forget, so if you can bring a friend and come along…