Make sure to check out our camp life page for info about skills and our daily schedule.

Welcome campers! Everything we do at Camp Hollymont is designed with YOU in mind! From the moment we wake up until we go to bed, our staff work hard to make sure you have the opportunities to grow in your faith, in your skills, and in your confidence all while having fun and making friends. Check out the information below to decide what Hollymont session and activities fit you best!

Traditional camp session – for girls who have completed 1st – 9th grade

During this 13 or 27 day session you get to experience all that camp has to offer.  You choose your skills – 6 per day for each 13 day session- and choosing is the hardest part! We have so many wonderful skills that it is hard to pick just six.  For a list of possible skill offerings, click here.  You can also choose to take an off campus trip to enjoy the beautiful creation here in Western NC.  There is something for everyone here! When you aren’t playing at skills or enjoying the lovely outdoors, we spend lots of time playing together with fun camp wide activities such as tribal games, hall cookouts, talent shows and much, much more! Your time at camp will fly by and you will not want to leave your new friends behind!

Starter camp session – for girls who have completed 1st – 4th grade

This 6 day session is designed for girls who have not been away from home much and are just beginning to gain that confidence and independence.  Camp activities will be similar to a traditional camp session, but with a more concentrated offering of activities.  These activities will be focused on giving you a glimpse into some of the amazing skills and activities we offer, while also helping you discover your own strengths, abilities and interests. Campers will participate in arts & crafts, group games and swimming together and will be able to choose from a variety of skill options for the remainder of their skill times.

Explorer camp session – for girls who have completed 5th – 9th grade

This 6 day session is designed for girls who would like to experience more of the outdoor and cultural attractions that Western North Carolina has to offer.  We will spend several days away from camp hiking nearby trails, attending cultural events and just enjoying some of the natural playgrounds that surround us. While in camp we will offer specialized skill activities to push you a step beyond the ordinary and experience skills in a whole new way. This session can be attended as a stand alone session or is a great addition to our A or B traditional camp session.

Counselor In Training – for girls who have completed 10th and 11th grade

Campers who have completed 10th or 11th grade can apply to be a part of this challenging but rewarding leadership development program.  Your time at camp will allow you to see first hand what it takes to be a leader through service, leadership training and personal development. Campers who are interested in participating need to fill out an application through Bunk1, as well as have three letters of recommendation submitted and complete a personal interview with the Director or CIT leader. Click here for more information and application materials.

Camper FAQ

What will a day in the life of camp look like?

Please take a look at our daily schedule.

What if I need to change a skill after the first day?

Campers who wish to change a skill may do so on a Skill Change Morning. The skill coordinator will be in Dove’s Den before breakfast on the first Wednesday. New schedules will be issued after morning watch.

What should I bring to camp?

Please review our packing list for items that you will find necessary or helpful to have at camp

Packing List for 7-Day Campers
Packing List for 13, 20, and 27-Day Campers

How do I select the skills I would like to participate in while at camp?

Campers attend six skills daily, except when pre-empted for trips or special activities. There are a few skills for which campers must pre-register and pay a fee. (Please refer to the application.) In May, campers will return the skill selection sheet they received in their April camper-parent packet. We begin skill placement prior to your arrival at camp and will not have final skill schedules until late Sunday night of opening day. Schedules are distributed on Monday morning prior to 1st skill. Skill offerings for a given session are determined by the camper skill requests and the availability of teaching staff.

How often do the skills meet?

7 Day Sessions
· Full skill days are Monday – Friday.

13 Day Sessions
· Full skill days are Monday – Friday of the first week and Monday – Wednesday of the second week.
· On Saturday morning, the 1st and 2nd skills are pre-empted for hall activities.
· On Saturday afternoon, 3rd – 6th skills are pick-a-skill activities. (Your opportunity to try new and different skills/activities.)
· No skills on Sunday
· On the second Thursday – No skills meet officially on the last Thursday. In the morning we enjoy the horse show and pool activities/games. During the afternoon we practice for Bella Coola, pack, and make a few last memories with friends.)

27 Day Sessions
· Campers will follow two cycles of the 13 day session skill schedule.
· In between the sessions, the 27 day campers will get some rest, do laundry, and take off campus trips to area attractions.

What time do we have to wake up? What time do we have to go to bed?

· Wake up time is usually between 7:45 and 8:00 AM.
· Lights out for the Hummingbirds – 9:30 PM.
· Lights out for the Cardinals – 9:45 PM.
· Lights out for the Eagles and Bluejays- 10:15 PM.

How much money do I need to bring?

We suggest $100 for every two week session and we strongly encourage campers to deposit their money in their camper spending account upon arrival rather than leave it in their rooms. Charges for personal items, cluster and hall activities, medical expenses, and camp store/canteen will be deducted. The campers are issued limited money as needed. After camp, any unused spending money is refunded. Spending overages can be settled on closing day at the camp office, or you will be billed.

Can I bring my own costumes or musical instruments for night activities?

Absolutely! Please feel free to bring costumes, musical instruments, and accompaniment CDs to camp. The opportunities to use costumes and instruments are many – Talent Show, morning chapel, and then nights such as Country Fair, Super Bowl, Masquerade Night, etc… Evening activities vary from session to session and are subject to change.

How often is the camp store open and what items are available?

The camp store is open on opening day and daily during canteen time. Stamps, cards, stationery, disposable cameras, toothbrushes, and clothing are sold in the camp store.

Will I get free time during the day?

We strive to balance the need to keep campers constructively active (thus preventing boredom and homesickness) with the need for campers to have some time to slow down and enjoy moments with their friends.

After canteen time, campers will go to their cluster and enjoy free time. Once girls have gone through the first five days of camp, we begin to slow down the pace of things (i.e., sleep late Sunday).

You will play, laugh, learn, love, and smile more than ever before!

Is camp fun?

Oooh yeah! You will love every minute of it so much you will not want to leave!!!