I had the pleasure of picking my daughter up the night before checkout since we had to fly out early. I’ll never forget the love & kindness displayed toward my daughter from crying campers to attentive staff. Such a great memory – I’m so thankful!

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Parent

Our daughter really LOVES Hollymont! It’s fun to hear about her experiences right after camp. I’m continually surprised at how often Hollymont is referenced months later in daily life… memories, text messages from friends made, comments on whether something is “Hollymont Appropriate”…

Boynton Beach, FL Parent

Attending Hollymont allows my girls to build self confidence, independence and develop wonderful friendships.

Concord, NC Parent

Both of our girls had an amazing experience. Hollymont helped them build confidence in themselves and become more independent. They made new friends and became much more comfortable asking for help from adults and taking on new challenges. The girls really feel that they are part of something and have not stopped talking about the camp.

Asheville, NC Parent

My daughter loved the counselors & activities! Chapel and devotion time were awesome!!

Davidson, NC Parent

Our daughter feels included at Hollymont. She is accepted for who she is, included and nurtured at camp. She talks all year about the friends she makes at Hollymont. The skills she learns especially in cooking and drama have sparked confidence and curiosity. She also talks about how much she enjoys chapel and learning about God.

Asheville, NC Parent

Our daughter had a great time – she built self confidence and social skills, all in a great environment.

Fort Mill, SC Parent

It was an amazing experience for our daughter learning to get along with others and being somewhat independent. She especially enjoyed the cooking and horsebacking.

Clearwater, FL Parent

Both of our girls had a fantastic experience.

Charlotte, NC Parent

My daughter had a fantastic time at Hollymont! She was one of the youngest campers, and the camp experience made her feel more confident. We appreciate how the whole camp embraced her and made her feel so included and special.

Asheville, NC Parent

What a blessing Hollymont has been to two generations of our family. God certainly meets us there in Asheville.

Atlanta, GA Parent

We love that our daughter is forming strong relationships with girls of all ages and that she has such positive role models to guide her decision making and guide her toward the future. Thank you, Hollymont, for the dedicated and patient care you provide, and for all of your efforts to help these girls challenge themselves and grow.

Asheville, NC Parent

Camp has given me so many fun memories. It has helped me read the bible and pray more often. Thank you for letting me and all the other girls have such a fun time at camp!

Hummingbird Camper

Thank you so much for having our girls at camp. They both had a wonderful time and didn’t want to miss a minute! We are amazed and thrilled at how much they each grew in confidence and maturity and independence. All of the counselors and staff have been terrific and so kind! We are grateful our girls had such a good camp experience.

Asheville, NC Parent

The Christian character displayed by the counselors and staff showed them real life applications for what we try to teach at home and at church.

Valdosta, GA Parent

The only way I can explain it is she is filled with the Holy Spirit when she leaves camp. She is filled with confidence and so self-assured. It’s wonderful to see!

Columbus, GA Parent

She loved camp and can’t wait to come back! She met new friends from new places and the experience of being on her own and living with a roommate, taught her new levels of independence.

Atlanta, GA Parent